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Skegness Grammar School

We produce well-rounded individuals, and take pride in their personal achievements. Our students aspire to high academic success, whilst enjoying a variety of extra curricular opportunities.


Skegness Grammar School will admit pupils at 11+ who are in the top 25% of the ability range in all the areas of Lincolnshire which serve grammar schools. 

The school is a member of the Lincolnshire Consortium of Grammar Schools (LCGS), this consortium was created to coordinate testing arrangments across the County. 

There are 14 schools within this consortium and all apply their selection tests and procedures (and appeals procedures) in order to ascertain those pupils whose ability places them in the top 25% of the ability range described above. Any change to this procedure or to the means by which the school assesses the level of applicants’ ability will be published in the prospectus prior to the next invitation for applications. Where a parent chooses to apply to the school under the county preference scheme, that choice will be considered as an equal preference.

As an academy within the David Ross Education Trust, we still operate under the Local Authority's admissions scheme.

Transfer from Primary Schools to Year 7 are managed by Lincolnshire County Council. The County Council website also provides options for completing on-line admissions forms for both normal and mid-year admissions. For more information visit:

Admissions Policy 2024-2025

Are you looking for your child to gain entry to Skegness Grammar School?

We are happy to answer any queries you may have and to help you with the appeals process. We can also help you register for the 12+.

How do I appeal?

Information about how to appeal is underneath, together with the appeal form which can be obtained from the school office.   

Should you wish to appeal, please complete the form and return by email to: 

If you would like any help with completion of your appeal you are welcome to contact us. We can help advise you on what information you should consider including. 

How else can my child gain admission? 

Should your child be unsuccessful at appeal, there is also the opportunity to take our 12+ Entrance Test on Monday 2nd September 2024.  

Every child can sit a grammar school entrance exam once every academic year. We have put one of these at the very start of our academic year to enable successful pupils to join us at the beginning of the school year with their peers and not have to make the difficult transition between two secondary schools. 

The Skegness Grammar School 12+ Entrance Exam is a computer-based assessment that cannot be practiced. All offers are at the decision of the Headmaster. 

If you would like to register for this entrance test please phone our school reception and we will help register you. 

Entrance Tests

Mid-Year Entry Examinations

For students wishing to join our school part-way through their secondary school education, they will be required to sit an entrance examination to assess the academic potential of that student.

Entrance exams are held on a monthly basis for students wishing to join the school later in Year 7 through to Year 10.

Please email to find out more.

School Transport

If your child is starting primary school or transferring to secondary school they may be eligible for school transport.  If you think your child is eligible please apply for transport as soon as you have your offer of a school place.  Applications can be made online at the website below or a telephone application can be made by contacting the Customer Service Centre on 01522 782020.

For more information about the home to school transport policy and online applications please go to Queries can be emailed to

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