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Skegness Grammar School

We produce well-rounded individuals, and take pride in their personal achievements. Our students aspire to high academic success, whilst enjoying a variety of extra curricular opportunities.

My Child At School

Skegness Grammar School use a cloud-based Management Information System (MIS) for communication, analysis, tracking, administration of trips, payments, and reporting.


My Child at School (MCAS) is the name of the platform that parents/carers use at home.

Student Portal is the name of the platform that students sign into.

Bromcom is the name of the platform that staff use at SGS.


All three platforms make up the MIS and ensure that together we support your child thrive at school.


Please find below guidance to setup both MCAS and Student Portal in order to take advantage of its functions.

 How To Self Sign Up To MCAS

Parents can access the Parent Login screen in two ways:

  1. From within the web browser type, this will open the Parent Login screen.
  2. From the MyChildAtSchool mobile phone app, this will open the Parent Login screen.

Once in the Parent Login screen parents should follow these steps:

  • Click on the Sign Up link in the Parent Login screen.
  • Enter the school’s Postcode or School ID.
  • Select the school from the list in the dropdown.
  • Click Continue.
  • Enter the registered email address.
  • Click Sign Up.

Parents will see the message ‘To complete your registration, we have sent an email to the email address you provided. Please access your email and follow the steps to create your password’.

Parents will receive an email from MyChildAtSchool with a link to a one time passcode.

  • Click on the link for the one time passcode.
  • Enter the one time passcode.
  • Click Verify.

As soon as the one time passcode has been verified, parents will be prompted to enter a password.

  • Enter Password.
  • Confirm Password.
  • Click Create Password.

Once the password has been created, parents can login from within the web browser and type, or access the MyChildAtSchool mobile phone app, this will open the Parent Login screen.


 How To Log In To MCAS 




How To Use Student Portal

 Students have access to Student Portal, which is an information management system that displays homework, timetable, notifications and more. Students can access Student Portal via there personalised SGS accounts. 

Login to Student Portal

Student Portal Info and Guidance





MCAS User Guide


mcas parent guide july 23 android added.pdf




 General MCAS Usage



How To Sign Up To Trips & Clubs



 Using The Data Collection Form


Before You Start

  • Throughout this guide the parent portal MyChildAtSchool is referred to as MCAS.
  • The online Admission Form/Data Collection Form covered in this guide is configured by your school, your school will have defined what information relating to your child and your personal details you can view, edit and in addition some fields may be set as required which means you have to complete them if they are blank or check/amend them if they are incorrect.
  • IMPORTANT The screenshots in this guide are for illustration purposes only and may differ from what you see for your child.
  • In addition your school may have attached document(s) for you to download and confirm you have read and understood from MCAS as well.
  • This guide looks at accessing the parent portal from a desktop view.

See also How to use the MCAS Parent Portal

Access the Admission/Data Collection Form

To begin lets log onto MCAS from a desktop computer

From the left hand menu click on Admission Form or Data Collection Form

Admission Form
Data Collection Form

Your school may have added the tab for Admission Form for certain year groups for example new Year 7 students. If you have more than one child at a school for example, you have one child in Year 7 and one child in Year 11 then when accessing the Year 11 student you may see Data Collection Form instead of Admission Form on the left menu choices.

Required Fields and Documents

The screen will change and at the top of the screen there is a message on filling in the form, how details will be updated and a note that fields marked with an asterisk* are ‘required’ fields.

Required Fields and Documents

Also in this example the school has attached a document and asked parents to acknowledge they have read and understood the document before submitting the form.

*Your school may not have set any fields as required and may not have attached any documents or set them for parents to ‘acknowledge’

Student Details

Now lets look at the Student Details Panel

In this example the school has defined what Student Details parents can see and in addition has also defined that the 3 fields Telephone Details, Email Details and Address Details must be completed ( marked with * asterisk)

Student Details Panel

In the example the Address Details field is already complete so if this is correct you wouldn’t need to change anything.

In this example the parent has completed the Telephone Details and Email Details panel, note they have added 2 phone numbers one for Home and one for Mobile plus an Email address

Telephone and Email Details

All the other fields in the Student Details Panel are set to View Only so in this example you can’t amend these details.

Once you are happy with the information in the Student Details panel click Submit Changes in the top left corner of the screen.

Submit Changes

Once your school has approved the Student Details you have submitted they will show on the Student Details panel, as per the message at the top of the screen.

Submitted Changes Message

Personal Details and Adding Contacts

To view or edit your Personal Details with the option to add Contacts click on View Your Personal Details.

View Personal Details

Please note your school will have set what fields you can see, edit and some fields marked with an * asterisk may be set as required.

The screenshots below are for illustration purposes only and may differ to your view dependant on how your school has configured MCAS.

Follow the same process as you did for the Student Details panell

Personal Details

For adding Additional Contacts in this example the school has set the following;

Additional Contacts Message

If required click Add Another Contact

Add Another Contact

As before fill in the required fields, again the screen below may differ from your screen dependant on how your school has configured MCAS

Once you are happy with the details click Add

Contact Details

Please note adding an additional contact does not create an MCAS account for that person its simply adding a contact to the childs record.

You then have the option to Edit or Delete the Contact you have just added.

Edit or Delete

Finally, once you are happy with the information click Submit Changes to complete the process.

How To Carry Out Tasks in MCAS App

The below will be shows how yo can use the MCAS App to carry out various tasks, such as;

  • General Browsing
  • Adding and Switching Accounts
  • Signing up to a Club
  • Data Collection Form
  • Dinner Menu

Access: While the MCAS app is for parents, staff can also use it for testing purposes or if they have children at a school themselves.

In order to access the MCAS App, you need to download it from the app/play store on your phone, you need to also have an MCAS User Account created at the school.

When you first download the MCAS App on to your phone you will get a pop up asking if you want to allow notifications.

Allow Notifications

This guide works on the basis that your School has already created User Accounts and Parents have started redeeming their Invitation Codes/Usernames.

Within MCAS there are two Menus, the side Menu which is accessed by pressing the three horizontal lines on the top left of the App.

The second Menu is along the bottom of the App and has five fixed options which take you to different areas of the App. Use these Menus to navigate around the App.


 How To Top Up Balances

Parents can use this guide to learn how to Top-Up your Dinner Money or Clubs & Trips Balances, from the same page, when ordering Meals or Booking Clubs & Trips.

Both Dinner Money and Clubs & Trips are paid for at time of Booking. If your current Balance will not cover the cost, you will be able to Top-Up your Account, without moving away from the page and having to start again.

MCAS > Dinner

MCAS > Clubs & Trips

Note: The Amount displayed will be the Amount needed to cover the cost of the item you are purchasing. You can overtype the Amount to add additional Funds to your Account.


How To Pay For Items Using Paypoint


You can now use the ‘Paypoint’ facility on MCAS to pay for items such as dinner money or trips.



Log into your MCAS account

Go to ‘Paypoint Balance’ section

Click on ‘Show barcode’ and print. If you do not have access to a printer, we can do this for you. Please email to request this. We will then hand this to your child to bring home. Alternatively, the shop will be able to scan the barcode directly from your phone.

Take the barcode to any shop with the Yellow Paypoint sign. (Co-op for example)

This will be scanned, and you can then pay your chosen amount in cash or by card.

Once you have made this payment, please log back into your MCAS account to allocate your paypoint balance by following the steps below.

Go to the section that you wish to allocate the funds to; for example dinner money or outstanding payments sections.

Add an amount in the ‘deposit amount’ box (for dinner money). This will need to equal or be less than the amount you have paid via paypoint.

Click ‘add to basket’

Click ‘Checkout’

Click on the down arrow next to ‘Enter Card details’

Choose ‘Use Paypoint balance’

Confirm and pay.



How to view the Academic Calendar

 Parents can use this guide to access the Academic Calendar for their childs’ school in the desktop view of MCAS (MyChildAtSchool)

The example screenshots in this guide are for illustration purposes only and may differ from your view

From the left hand menu in MCAS click Academic Calendar

MCAS Menu Bar

Below is an example of how an Academic Calendar may look, notice the colour coding of the days at the top of the screen

Example Academic Calendar

You can also click on a day to see more information as per the example below


How To Make School Purchases

Parents can use this guide to view and buy items in the School Shop in a desktop version of MCAS(MyChildAtSchool)

The example screenshots in this guide are for illustration purposes only and may differ from your view, your school configures how your MCAS Dashboard looks.

Menu Bar

This is an Online School Shop and will display the items the school currently have available for you to purchase, what appears on this page is determined by the school, so the following information is just an example.

Example School Shop

Your school have the option to create Categories or Menu Items in the School Shop, for example Shop – Equipment and Shop- Uniform. Clicking on either of these buttons will display just those items or click on All to display everything available.

Example Item

To find out more about an item simply mouse over and click on the More Info button, this will display the information the school have created for the item.

If you want to purchase an item it is just like any Online Shopping page, just click on the Add to Basket button on the item/s you wish to buy. If the item to be purchased has the option for payment by Instalments you will be asked at this point how you want to pay this. Click on the Add Deposit to Basket or the Add Full Amount to Basket button.

Add to Basket

The Shopping Basket icon will show the number of items in the Basket, click on the Basket icon to display the items in it.

Shopping Basket

To remove items click on the X to the right of the item or Remove in the Shopping Basket full view , to continue and make the Purchase click on the green Checkout button at the bottom. The Items will be displayed again along with the Student name, if buying for siblings both names will be displayed.

To continue shopping click on the Continue Shopping button, to clear the Basket and start again click on the Clear Basket button, to make the Purchase click on the Checkout button. Items can still be removed at this point by clicking on the Remove button to the right of the item.

On clicking the Checkout button the payment page will be displayed, again what is displayed here is dependent on the school. Here payments can be made using PayPoint if there are sufficient funds or by Card, an Offline Payment option can be enabled by the school for payments to be made directly to the school, cash or cheque.

How To View and Add Dinner Money

Parents can use this guide to View and add Dinner Money to their child’s account via the desktop version of MCAS (MyChildAtSchool)

The example screenshots in this guide are for illustration purposes only and may differ from your view. Your school will configure how your MCAS dashboard looks.

From your MCAS Dashboard the Dinner Money option is accessible only as a Widget.

The Widget displays the current Credit Balance Summary and gives the option to top-up the Balance.

Widget Example

To do this enter the amount in the Deposit Amount box and click the Add to Basket button. The Shopping Basket (trolley) icon on the top bar will now display that you have 1 item in the Basket, click here to open the Basket and view the contents, the item can be removed by clicking on the X to the right.

Shopping Basket

To continue click on the green Checkout bar which will open the Shopping Basket.

Here you can click the Continue Shopping button to open the School Shop and add more items, the Clear Basket button to empty the Basket or the Checkout button to continue and make your payment.

Enter your Payment Details on the following page, once verified and paid a Confirmation message will be given and the Credit Balance Summary updated on the Widget.


 How To View Outstanding Payments

Parents can use this guide to view and pay Outstanding Payments in a desktop version of MCAS (MyChildAtSchool)

The example screenshots in this guide are for illustration purposes only and may differ from your view of MCAS, your school configures how your MCAS Dashboard looks.

The Outstanding Payments option is accessible from both the Menu Bar and a Widget.

Menu Bar

Either click on Outstanding Payments in the Menu Bar or click More in the Widget

When items have been purchased from the School Shop and there is an outstanding amount, for instance a payment in Instalments, this will be displayed on the Outstanding Payments Widget.

Example Widget

Clicking on the More button will display the full details. An Instalment can be paid by clicking on the Add to Basket button on either page, this can then be paid in the normal way.

Once you have added the Outstanding Payment to the Shopping Basket you have the option to Continue Shopping, Clear Basket or Checkout.

You can remove a single item from the Basket by clicking Remove to the right of the item

Shopping Basket

In the final Checkout screen you will see an Order Summary and Payment and Address Details.

When you have the completed the required fields click Confirm and Pay

Updated on July 19, 2023

 Parental Consents in MCAS

Parents can use this guide to view/give/revoke Parental Consent in the desktop version of MCAS (MyChildAtSchool)

The example screenshots in this guide are for illustration purposes only and may vary from your view as your school configures your MCAS Dashboard

The Parental Consent option is accessible only from the Menu Bar on the MCAS Dashboard

Menu Bar

It displays the Parental Consent options for the Student. Tick the radio buttons to give or revoke Consent for information or images of the Student to be used within each of the options.

Example Parental Consent

Your schools controls whether you can revoke consent or not. In the example you are not able to revoke consent the Parental Consent panel will look similar to the one below

Unable to revoke Consent

 The Difference Between MCAS on the Web and MCAS App

In this guide, we are going to highlight the differences between the web/app versions of MCAS so that schools know what is available in each version and what parents should see.

Prerequisites: For parents to use MCAS at all, the following steps must have been completed;

  • Schools must have created MCAS User Accounts for parents.
  • Parents must have redeemed their invitation code.
  • Parents must have fully completed the User Account creation steps. 

There are currently two menu options/modules that are only available on the web version of MCAS  Assessment and Options. Everything else will be visible on both the app and web version of MCAS.


When a parent loads MCAS on a computer, they will see a Dashboard consisting of widgets and a side menu;

Each widget will display data for the student that it finds in the MIS, with some widgets having a More button which takes parents to that specific page (On Report or Behaviour for example).

Each of the side menu options will take parents to a designated page for that item/module within MCAS, where they can see data in detail like Attendance Data, upcoming Clubs and Outstanding Payments.

Finally, there are some fixed icons on the top right of MCAS web, these are always available regardless of which page you are on;

  • School Shop – Contains items ready for purchase.
  • Contact School – Allows the parent to contact the school.
  • Messages – Allows parents to converse directly with specific staff,
  • Announcements – Contains any relevant Announcements from the School.

If the parent clicks on their name, they are provided with four further options;

  • Account Settings – Allows parents to manage their MCAS credentials.
  • Inbox – Allows parents to see messages received from specific staff.
  • Payments History – Contains all previous orders/payments the parent has made on MCAS.
  • Logout – Logs the parent out of MCAS.

That is everything a parent should see in the web version of MCAS.


When a parent loads the MCAS app on a mobile device, they will first see the Attendance page for their child.

The MCAS app doesn’t have a central Dashboard, it works solely on a side menu and pages, which are accessed by pressing the three lines in the top left corner.

The side menu contains the following options, all of which will take parents to a page for that option (Timetable/Parents Evening etc).

As well as the side menu, there is a banner along the bottom which contains five options;

  • My Child – Loads by default, allows parents to see their child’s data.
  • Announcements – Shows any relevant school Announcements.
  • Basket – Contain items ready for purchase.
  • Accounts – Parents can manage and add any MCAS accounts they have.
  • Profile – Lets parents manage their credentials, see previous payments and see the school contact information.
Announcements and Basket


Accounts and Profile

To summarise, everything that is visible on the web version of MCAS should be visible on the app version as well, except for Assessment and Options.

If a parent claims they can see data on the web version but not the app version, ask them to make sure they have updated the app and updated their device to the latest software versions available.

 MCAS Assesments Module

Parents can use this guide to View Assessment information for their child in MCAS ( MyChildAtSchool)

The parent views in this guide are for illustration purposes only and may differ from your schools view.

Assessments can be viewed from a widget in the dashboard or from the left hand menu in MCAS by clicking Assessments

Assessment Widget and Menu

If you click More on the Assessment Widget you have the ability to see Class Teacher names and Class Attendance, these views are configured by your school so may differ to the example below.

In addition you may be able to message the teacher directly from this panel by clicking on the teacher name, this will load your Inbox.

In the top left of the Assessment panel you can use the dropdown to see previous years Assessment Data.



Exam Results

The Exam Results option is accessible only from the Menu Bar.

It displays the Exam Results for the student, the Search option can be used to search for specific Exams and the columns can be ordered ascending and descending.

The columns visible in the Exam Results panel are configured by your childs school so you may not see all the columns below.

Exam Timetables

The Exam Timetables option is accessible only from the Menu Bar.

It displays the Exam Timetables for the Student, the Search option can be used to search for specific Exams and the columns can be ordered ascending and descending.

Dependant on how the Exams Office Staff at your childs school have seated the Exams then you may be able to see Exam Room and Seat Location

MCAS Attendance Module

Parents can use this guide to view Attendance information for their child in the MCAS ( MyChildAtSchool parent portal

The screenshot examples in this guide are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the view for your child

From the Dashboard either click on Attendance in the left hand menu or click More on the Attendance Widget.

In this example the Attendance Widget has been named Attendance in School

Menu Bar and Widget

When we click More we can see the full year for the Student

Attendance full view

Use the Select Year and Select Subject dropdowns to further filter the view

Hover on the pie chart to see Attendance Percentages

Click on a specific date to see more detail


 MCAS Behaviour Module

Parents can use this guide to view Behaviour information for their child on a desktop view of MCAS (MyChildAtSchool) Parent Portal

The example screenshots used in the guide are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the view for your child.

From the MCAS Dashboard either click on Behaviour on the left hand menu or click More on the Behaviour Widget, you can also see recent Behaviour Events in the Widget

Behaviour Menu Bar and Widget

When we click More we can then see a year view of Behaviour for the selected child.

Notice the Select Year and Select Subject dropdowns at the top of the screen to further filter the view.

There is also a pie chart on the right to give an overall view of your childs Behaviour.

Behaviour Detail

Click on an individual day to see more detail


MCAS Classes & Timetables Module


Parents can use this guide to view Class information for their child on a desktop view of MCAS (MyChildAtSchool) Parent Portal

The example screenshots used in the guide are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the view for your child.

From the MCAS Dashboard you will see the Classes Widget, in this example the Widget shows the Class Name, Class Details, Class Teacher and Attendance Percentage for the Class plus and envelope symbol to directly message the Teacher in question.

Classes Widget

Clicking on the Envelope will open your account Inbox to send a message to the selected Teacher.



Parents can use this guide to view their child’s Timetable in a desktop view of MCAS ( MyChildAtSchool)

The example screenshots in this guide are for illustration purposes only and may differ from your MCAS view, your school configures what your MCAS Dashboard view is.

The Timetable option is accessible from both the Menu Bar and a Widget.

Either click on Timetable in the menu bar or click More in the Timetable Widget to access your child’s Timetable,

Menu Bar

The Widget will display the Timetabled sessions for the day highlighting the current session.

Example Widget

Click on the More button will display your child’s Timetable for the current week, the previous and future weeks can be viewed as well.

Example Timetable

Select Weeks from the right hand drop down and Previous/Next from the left hand side



MCAS Homework Module

How to view Homework in MCAS - Parents can use this guide to view their child’s Homework in a desktop version of MCAS (MyChildAtSchool)


The example screenshots in this guide are for illustration purposes only and may differ from your view. Your school will configure your MCAS Dashboard view.

The Homework option is accessible from both the Menu Bar and a Widget.

Menu Bar

Homework information is displayed on the Homework Widget. Click on Homework in the Menu Bar to open the Homework page


Click on the More button in the Widget to open the Homework page.

Homework Page

The status of the Homework for the current week will be displayed, to look at previous or future weeks use the forward and backward arrows.

Example Status

Click on the Homework bar to see more details.



 MCAS Announcements Module

Parents can use this guide to view Announcements for their childs school in the desktop view of MCAS (MyChildAtSchool)

The example screenshots in this guide are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the views for your child

Announcements can be viewed from a widget in the dashboard or from the left hand menu in MCAS by clicking Announcements

Announcements Widget and Menu Bar

Click More on the top right of the Widget to see more Announcements

Some Announcements may have documents attached to them.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding MyChildAtSchool within Bromcom.

Q. What do I do if I’ve forgotten my email address.

A. Contact your school and they will be able help you.

Q. What do I do if I’ve forgotten my password.

A. Click the Reset Password link from the login page. 

Q. The school has sent out invitation codes for parents to redeem however, some parents haven’t redeemed them. How does this work now parents login with an email and password.

A. Parents should click the Reset Password link from the login page. Alternatively, the school can send a Password creation email.

Q. What if parents have multiple Email addresses registered to their MCAS accounts.

A. All Email addresses (including the Recovery Email Address if they have one) will allow the parent to Login.

Q. A parent is getting the message ‘incorrect email address’ when they attempt to login

A. The parent should contact their school so the school can they update the contact record for the parent with the correct email address.

Q. One of the parent profiles attached to the email address needs removing.

A. The person who’s profile it is should contact the school and they can amend the account record

Q. The email address for a parents MCAS account is incorrect.

A. The parent should contact their school and the school can update the contacts record.