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Skegness Grammar School

We produce well-rounded individuals, and take pride in their personal achievements. Our students aspire to high academic success, whilst enjoying a variety of extra curricular opportunities.

Uniform at SGS

At Skegness Grammar School, we believe uniform serves three important purposes:


Uniform encourages a sense of community identity and pride. By wearing the same badge and the same clothing, our students show and feel a sense of belonging to Skegness Grammar School. Our community recognises our uniform and knows that those who wear it are ambitious and respectful citizens.


Uniform encourages our students to develop habits for life. By learning to polish their shoes, fold trousers or hang up their blazers, students learn the habits of discipline and personal responsibility that will stay with them for life.


Uniform prevents unkindness or bullying while keeping costs down. By requiring all our students to wear the same hard-wearing uniform, we reduce the incentive for students to ask parents for the latest (and most expensive) items of fashion. As a result, costs are kept as low as possible and no student can be seen to be poorer or wealthier than any other. This is important to us because we care most about our student’s achievements, academia, character and values much more than their appearance.


Please see the specific uniform policy below for details on school attire and PE kit.


Our suppliers are: Nationwide School Uniforms, Vale Road, Spilsby, PE23 5HE.  Telephone:  01790 754522.


Uniform checks are conducted daily. We do keep a supply of uniform in school for the inevitable days where wardrobe malfunctions occur. We are always happy to help supply items of clean or new uniform temporarily.  Heads of Year will be on hand each morning, so families can always ask discretely if they need support.

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